Darayus and Arnavaz Motivala

Darayus Motivala came to the UK from Bombay, India with his parents and younger brother in 1961, aged 13.   Arnavaz Motivala came to the UK from Mombasa with her father.  Daryus worked for 35 years as a computer software engineer and later in sales and marketing. He is the chairman of the World Zoroastrian Organisation. Arnavaz worked as a teacher. Her health started deteriorating because of her Multiple Sclerosis. She is now a homemaker. They live in Chinnor, South Oxfordshire. Their daughter Zenobia, her partner Simon and their grandson Finlay live nearby.
“The Zoroastrian up-bringing of speaking the truth has always been there for me and is particularly important for me.”
“I am proud to be a Zoroastrian because I am of a religion which is something to be proud of really.”